Bullying - Stop Bullying It hurts

Finding an isolated girl, few seniors approached her and verbally bullied her. The girl got embarrassed. She recalled the seminar on bullying and made her way to the Campus Counselling Center. She had a copy in her hand. The embarrassment and degradation of repute were visible from her face. Sarah saw her. She looked depressed. Sarah approached her.

                                                    Act 1
Sarah: Where are you going? Why are you so upset?
Muneera: (She kept walking) I am, literally, bullied and now going to report about them.
Sarah: Did you note down their roll no.?
Muneera: Wow! I was abused, and you supposed me to note their roll numbers! Wonderful. Such a nice friend you are!
Sarah: (She looked embarrassed) I think you wrote in this book that’s why you are holding this copy. (Pointing to the book in Muneera’s hand) Or at least you try to see their cards. (When Muneera shook her head Sarah proposed another guess)
Muneera: They were experienced bullies as they hid their ID cards, but I do remember their faces.
They came near to Campus Counseling Center.
Sarah: Here we are. Now we are gonna take our revenge.
When they were about to enter, Muneera stopped. Turned back and took a few steps back from the center.
Sarah: What? (Shocked)
Muneera: If I report about them and the authority will expel them then what?
Sarah: What, What? They bully you and so the expulsion is the fruit of this doing.
Muneera: But this fruit can’t help to remove the disease. This center will clean the guy from this institution. They aren’t going to clean the germ of it from him. They are not treating patients, they are transferring them.
Sarah: What are you talking about? It’s just their wrong thought of thinking themselves powerful over others. We learn this in sociology class.
Muneera: (She was absorbed in her thoughts) I will tell you tomorrow.
                                                                  Act 2
Muneera is in her room thinking about what happened to her today. Few sheets of paper are in front of her. She is holding a pen between the index and middle finger of her right hand. Her legs are on the table, crossed.
“I am not going to report that to the office. But how will I treat them? They want to dominate me. Nobody wants to be dominated. Everybody wants to dominate someone. So, what am I going to do now?”
She put her legs down. Put her elbows on the table and continue pondering, resting her chin on the palms. Her face expressions change as she hit on an idea. Excitedly, she stood up and said to herself, “I know what I will do. Guys! be prepared for a surprise.”
                                                               Act 3
Muneera and Sarah are talking.
Sarah: What have you planned to do?
Muneera: (Confidently) Just wait and watch.
Sarah: Are you sure they are going to come and will try to bully you?
Muneera: I am pretty sure if they find me alone, they will come to me and bully me. And maybe now that verbal bully can change to physical one. I haven’t reported so they will think of me as a coward. They are going to press the coward more. It will give them satisfaction.
Sarah: Wow! So, you are giving yourself as a prey to them. Fantastic! What kind of creature are you? I think evolution goes wrong there. (Pointing at her)
Muneera: No, I am not a prey…..You know, it’s a sociological phenomenon. The Alpha male always tries to dominate over others in his territory. That’s what our seniors are doing here.
Sarah: So, what are you gonna do?
Muneera: I am not letting them dominate over me.
Just then three boys come. Muneera sends Sarah away and gives the appearance of a confused girl.
Tanveer: Look, the joker is here. ALONE.
All three of them laugh.
Muneera turns to them.
Muneera: You were calling me a Joker? (Pointing to herself)
Saeed: What can we call a joker but a joker!
They all laugh again.
Muneera: Wow! My friends also call me a joker. You are not my friends, but you got great eyes. (She gives him thumbs up)
Saeed: Yes, we do, but you don’t. (Try to laugh)
Muneera: Okay.
They set back. They are not expecting this reaction. But Saeed approaches her and pushed her back, “Joker!”
Muneera: Oh, no no no. People usually don’t hit jokers.
Saeed: Then what they do? (Coming close)
Muneera: They just look at them and laugh. So, set back and keep looking at me and keep laughing. (Pushes Saeed)
Muneera takes a few steps. Turn back and see flabbergasted bullies.
Muneera: Why are you not laughing? Laugh.
Saeed: Okay. (Forcing a smile on his face)
They all go and Muneera says excitedly, “That’s how bullies should be treated.” Sarah comes running at her. She is also excited and claps at her hand. “Wow.”
                                                                 Act 4
Saeed is so frustrated.
Rehan: Why are you so nervous? Let it go.
Saeed: What? Really? She bullied me. I was a bully, but I get bullied.
Tanveer: Oho! Never minds. It happens.
Saeed: No, it never happens, like this. That girl bullied me and remind me of—
Rehan: Who?
Saeed: That girl who bullied me, with her friends. She had a chiseled face…..she was so beautiful. I couldn’t help looking at her. Of course, how could I! She was a perfect exemplar of beauty. But…. She …. She …. with her friends. (He was stammering)
Rehan: She…. what?
Saeed: Nothing…. Shut up. (And he goes away from them)
                                                              Act 5
Saeed is in his room. Walking back and forth, tentatively. There are lines on his forehead. He is looking very depressed. He is recalling harsh memories of his past. The first time ever he was bullied. “She …… She.” He thrusts his glasses on the table. He pours water into the glass. Glass gets full up to its mouth and water starts dripping from it. He drinks water and shares the drink with his shirt too. Put the glass in its previous place. He sits on the chair, still absorbed in his thoughts.
“She …. Because of her, I started bullying girls. Finding her in all others. But none is so ravishing as her. That chiseled white face …… that brown shining hair and a ponytail, these girls don’t even know how to tie a ponytail, those blue almond eyes ……. She was incomparable. But she bullied me.”
                                                               Act 6 
Saeed is sitting alone now, still nervous. Muneera and Sarah pass by.
Sarah: He bullies you, huh? (Pointing at Akhtar)
Muneera: Yeess.
Sarah: But what has happened to him?
Muneera: Let’s find out.
They approach him and asks about the problem.
Muneera: Hey! What has happened to you?
Saeed: You bullied me and now you are asking a reason?
Sarah: She bullied you? (Sarah blurts out)
Saeed: Yes. She. Who else.
Muneera: Yes. I was the one who bullied.
Sarah: (Eying Muneera) Muneera!
Saeed: See. Now go and don’t annoy me anymore.
Sarah: You were the one who started this game.
Saeed: I wasn’t. She was! (Looking at somewhere, he sighs)
Muneera: Who?
Saeed: The girl who bullied me the first time and now I am taking revenge from girls like you.
Sarah: Why didn’t you take revenge from her?
Saeed: I reported about that to the authority. They expelled her and the whole gang. That wasn’t my vengeance.
Muneera: How you planned to take your vendetta from her?
Saeed:  I wanted to bully her, in return for her bully. But I knew I could not. But I could tell her that what she did was unethical and did not suit her.
Sarah: So, what you are doing now, is it ethical? Huh?
Saeed: That is my reaction—
Muneera: (She interrupted him) In order to brace your ego, to support it.

Saeed nods in agreeance. 


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