Serving Others

Serving Others - An interesting play



It was an early evening. Fewer students were present on the campus. A boy was killed in the university in front of his brother. Bunches of men came close and start hectoring them both. The eldest brother loses his temper and plunged at them to hit back. He hit two or three men blindly, but others caught him and hit him so hard that he loses his life. When Mark's body became lifeless the crowd dispersed leaving Robert mourning for his brother.

Tears were shedding from Robert's eyes. He could not bellow as the tears struck in his throat. He coughed, with a cough a mixture of tears and saliva emanated. He caught his brother's collar and moved his lifeless body back and forth, thinking that his brother might awake and castigate him for disrespect. His wish never came true and he kept weeping, sitting on his knees, beside his brother's body.

Far from there beneath a tree two friends, Moweed and Usama were standing and looking at this sad and heart-breaking spectacle but doing nothing.

Moweed: Someone gets a penalty for someone's sins. 
Usama: Yes, Brown Rush says, "Pakistan Murdabad" and these narrow-minded Muslims are protesting against all Christians and specifically those who are abroad. 
Moweed: The same what they do when Muslims terrorists attack them. They too charge all Muslims guilty of the heinous act ... As you sow, so shall you reap. 
Usama: Whether they do or we do, it is wrong and we must not support what is wrong. 
Moweed: We are not supporting--
Usama:(He interrupted Moweed) But we are also not opposing. 
Moweed: (He was bit angry as Usama interrupted him) So what you want me to do. Get there and slam them ... Ah! How can I slam them? If I go there it will be my last tread. (Chuckles) And I don't want to die so early. 
Usama stares at him flabbergasted. 
Usama: Why do you want to live then? To di--
Moweed interrupted him and equals the debt. 
Moweed: I want to live to be a Moweed, which is my name. (Braggingly) Philosopher. To do something to avoid pain. 
Usama: (Pressingly) Then see he is in pain. He needs us.
Robert lays his back against the wall and his brother's head was in his lap. He is combing his hair with his fingers and continuously his eyes are shedding tears. 
Moweed: (Helplessly) How do you think I can do this? What is now left for me to do? His brother is dead. You know! DEAD! This kind of pain allays with time. No one can ameliorate it. I am not going to him and give him sympathy. It's his brother's fault. Why did he try to fight back? Did he think himself as Thor or Bruce Banner who is going to reveal his secret power by becoming a giant green creature? (He says gesticulatingly) 
Usama: Moweed? Hey! Why are you so apathetic? 
Moweed: I am a philosopher. I say what I think. (He turns) If you feel sorry for that unknown person then go I don't care. 
Usama: (Grabs his biceps) Hey. I am not going alone. You will have to come with me. (He presses his biceps) 
Moweed: It is out of the question. (He releases his biceps from Usama's grasp) 
Just then two girls, Sarah and Raabia, come from the right side talking about their next assignment. 
Sarah: Which core value did we choose for our play? Ma'am was saying it should be done by Friday. 
Raabia: I think by consensus we choose, (she put out a page from Blue file and starts to read) "To take the concerns of others in the university community to heart. Because we are bound together by common purposes, objectives, and values, the welfare of all will be my concern."


Sarah: How will we make a play for it? 
Her eyes ricochet and stick on Robert and his brother's dead body. Now they are near to Moweed and Usama. 
Usama: It is our commitment. Moweed! Our commitment. Whether we know him or not, we know that he is from the university. We will give him justice. We are the sole witness of this horrific incident. 
Now Moweed faces Usama with eyes full of shame. 
Sarah: (To Usama) What happened to that guy? 
Usama: He is the victim of intolerance. Devout Muslims kill him as they think he was dangerous to their country and religion. 
Raabia: Oh!
Usama: (Takes a step forward) I know some of their faces and were will bring them to justice for him. 
They all go to Robert. Moweed is behind them, limping. 
Usama: Brother! I cannot compensate your loss but I assure you that I will serve you and serve them as they deserve to be served. 
Sarah has a confident smile on her face: That's how we make a play. A real story. 
They share their condolences with him and help him find the culprits, get them terminated and behind the bars. Moweed was ashamed of his philosophy. Now his philosophy becomes to serve others. As "No Joy can equal the joy of serving others." Sai Baba


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